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Super Sixxxxxx Göteborg 2011
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COMMENT: Kong Åke slår til igjen. ingen over ingen ved sida   [read]

This is the official site for Super Sixxxxxx Göteborg 2011.

Players who wish to start in the competition can register here. It's also possible to view the players that have registered for each squad. Remember to check back regulary to see who you will be playing against!

For more information about tournament rules, prize money and other details, please visit the Super Sixxxxxx web site.

Lane pattern: wtba_london_44.pdf

Last registration:   Karlsson, Justin (BK Joker),
Saturday April 30th 21:00
Registered players:   160
Re-Entries:   185
Total:   345
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Live coverage during the finals:

Live Coverage will start on the 1st of May!

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